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May 2007
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ayshop [userpic]
Japanese and Korean Fashion - TOPS, Accessories, Jewlery, Shoes


001. lovely woman print round "have a drink' tee

color: yellow,gray,white
Price: $10

002.Smile Printing tee

color: gray,blue, blueish-green
detail: length - about 62cm, width of sleeve - 28cm, length of sleeve-13 cm, shoulder-33cm, bust-about 28cm
Price: $18

003. flower velvet string long sleeveless shirt

color: beige,black
detail: length-70cm, back length-76cm, shoulder-25cm. bust-70cm
Price: $16

004.red star printing tee

colors: grey,ivory,beige,white
details: length-69cm,width or sleeve-34cm,length of sleeve-13cm,shoulder-35cm, bust-72cm
Price: $14

005.sensible camera graffitti tee

colors:white, remon,khaki, cocoa
Price: $18

006. romantic-cute ribbon bear

colors: ibory,navy,pink
details: length of grament-67cm, width of sleeve -29cm, length of a sleeve -11cm, bust - 76cm, shoulder-29.5cm
Price: $15

007. red heart printing casual tee

colors: white, remon
Price: $13


001.romatic double line hair band

colors: beige,sky,light pink, deep pink, black, red, white
details: material-satin/metal
Price - $8

002. romantic - water drop crystal accessory

colors: pink,gray,blue,black
details: material-satin/plastic
Price - $12

003. romatic heart flower booch

colors: sky,pink
details: material-metal/beads
Price - $12

004. star motive chain

color: silver
details: material-metal
Price: $16

005.pure bead drop earrings

color: silver/clear
details: material-metals&beads
Price: $10

006.j-bonnie stripe stocking

colors: red/black black/white
details: material-polyster
Price: $6

007.shiny leggings - nipponstyle

colors: gray, deep green, black
details: material-polyster
Price: $12


001. casual cute check flat shoes

colors: red, black, red/sole, black/sole
details - materal-cotoncanvas, sizes available 6-8(US)
Price: $25

002. stylish natural boots-nipponstyle

colors: black, black/sole, drak brown, db/sole, ivory, ivory/sole
details: material-canvas, sizes 6-8 available (US)
price: - $28


хотела бы заказать
002.Smile Printing tee , blueish-green M
004.red star printing tee beige

you want those two items you mean?? do you have email? b/c i can't keep checking my livejournal to see...thanks you

please email me at ayshop@gmail.com so I can give you details for payment i dont' want to sahre my address wtih all the ppl in the community =]

thanks for your interst

i'm from russia....so can i buy some of this shirts))

Yes you can just send the description of the items you want and i think you did email me already and i email you back. bc/ i remmber you mentin that ur from russia =]

it was another girl)))
ps. ok,i'll email you)))