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Japan Cute Nail Art Kit

  Due Date: N/A, if minimum amount is not reach for certain items, it will not be processed.

Serious Buyers Only. No Backing Out.
Please fill out the form if you confirm you want to buy it.
So if you have questions please ask first before filling out a form.
Accepts paypal (fees apply), cash, personal checks, money order


Includes Shipping: If pay via paypal please add the fees!!! (international: add $2 to total order)
001 $16
002 $18
003 $28
004 $24
005 $18
006 $18
007 $18

3D Nails Stickers - Handmade in Japan

Price: $10 shipped Each

payment method
total: (includes paypal fees if needed) 

Email form to schoolgrl234@yahoo.com


What sort of fees are we talking about?

japanese nail art

how do they fit, like everyone has different sized nails, I think mine are wide,
so how does that work cause I'd love to get some :D

they look great, i've seen some other cool ones too, where can i buy them from? are there anymore designs than those you've displayed? :)

how can I buy these nails?

How do i get it how much it cost conceled cash 2

Все отлично сделано!

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