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This is a handy Temaki sushi maker (made out of bamboo) that can assist you in creating your own hand made sushi! Includes easy to follow step by step pictures to show how to use, fold and make your own sushi creations. All you need is some handy ingredients (seaweed wrapper , cucumbers, carrots, rice, and sashimi) and wrap them all nice using this utensil. Plus this also comes with a small rice scooper for your convenience.

Price: $9 shipped

The Japanese have all sorts of omamori (charm) that they believe in to protect them from various elements. Some omamori are designed protect them from car accidents, others are to promote good health, finding happiness, love, and many more. For everyone out there who needs a little good luck now and then, this is the perfect good luck charm for you. It is a beautiful red lucky charm that is decorated with intricate sakura print for that authentic feel. You can bring it anywhere u want with you and you never know what fortunes you'll find with this good luck charm, money, fame, love?

Price: $8 shipped

You probably going 'eh?" Well, here's a funky electric banana eraser that rubs out pencil faster than your typical eraser. Who needs pens when you've got an electric banana?

Price: $12 shipped

A portable version of the excellent Sun-Star Stitch Lock stapleless stapler from Japan. A great item that's very popular in offices here in Japan, it is a paper stitch lock that actually "stitches" up to 4 sheets of paper together by using the paper itself to hold everything together. Very cool! Simply slip in, clamp down to stitch, and pull the paper out. It is cool to have this stitcher looks on a desk or when you take it out to stitch sheets of paper together.

Price: $19 shipped

Everything you need to enjoy an authentic bento experience - 2-tier bento box, chopsticks, case, and more
In Japan's bento culture (bento = "Japanese boxed lunch"), a beautiful blue colored version that's wonderfully decorated with fireflies(rabbit//red). This bento box is a stackable kind that actually has two boxes, one to put your rice in and the other to put the rest of your meal in. A great full set that comes with smooth textured chopsticks (18 cm or 7 inches in length) with a plastic carrying case, an elastic band to keep the bentos sealed tight, and a matching cloth bento carrying bag for you to easily bring your lunch with you where ever you go. approx. 14x 8 x 8 cm (5.5 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches). Bento Box, chopsticks and chopstick holder are made in Japan.

Price: $26 shipped to anywhere in the US.

Trendy Plaid w/ Front Magnetic Snap Closure Handbag
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Measurements:12 X 8 X 3 inches.
Description: Buckled strap, front magnetic snap, rear zippered pocket, zippered inside pocket, mulitcolor dangle
Price: $12 shipped (US Residents)


Magazines - shipping is about 3-4 bucks laready b/c magz are heavy~

Chinese Magazine
Cover: Rain (Bi), back: DBSK
Bonus Inside - Bi centerfold comes with ORIGNAL VCD
Ft. Artists - SS501,BoA, Kangta, Hyori, Shinhwa, SE7EN, Eugene, etc.
Price: $10 shipped

Myojo 2006 August
Cover: Arashi
Bonus Inside: Yamapi glossy photo, Johnny Jrs centerfold
Ft. Artists: Kinki Kids, Tackey and Tsubasa, Yamapi, KAT-TUN, Johnny Jrs, etc
Price: $16 shipped

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